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The Campy Life

This page started as a way to chronicle our adventures on a road trip through the country - during one of the most dangerous times of Covid. With the country on shut down but some national parks and campgrounds open, we made the trip in the safest way possible. Never a hotel and always outdoors was the way we rolled. 40 days on the road and 9 national parks later, we have some stories (and tips) to share for those eager to really, truly live outdoors.

A Global Palette

One of the silver linings of the pandemic lifestyle we've been living is that we have developed an entirely new set of cooking skills while stuck at home. Boredom, wanderlust, and the yearning for our favorite restaurant food has made us explore our culinary curiosity from the comfort of our own home. Cooking recipes native to the places we have been wanting to go has been a way to scratch that travel-bug itch while being grounded.

With all of this cooking and our desire to minimize food waste, we landed on a ritual of sorts, exploring a different country roughly every week. Fresh herbs and spices tend to be similar per cuisine. Here's where I'll be sharing our kitchen explorations by posting new recipes, tips for avoiding food waste, savory and spice findings, etc. 

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