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A Satisfying Meal for a Scorching Summer Evening

More of a "compilation" than a recipe, this noshy little dinner is perfect for those hot summer eves when appetites are sparse and the desire to turn on a kitchen heat source is nil. This particular dish was aided by fresh garden pickins and a trip to my neighborhood market that specializes in Persian and Greek ingredients. The flavors brought me straight back to Greece.

My ingredients were:

  • Persian cucumbers

  • Fresh mint

  • Fresh tomatoes

  • Fresh grapes

  • Tabouleh

  • Hummus

  • Tzadziki

  • Lavash bread

  • Red onion

  • REAL feta (don't bother with the cheap grocery store stuff, find a market that has the real deal, such as any middle eastern market or high end grocery)

  • Kalamata olives

  • Chicken schawarma (not necessary but we had some leftover that is delicious served cold, recipe to follow)

  • Pistachios

No cooking required. Throw it all together as artistically as you'd like! Summer deliciousness. Next time I'd add some watermelon slices.

MAKE IT GLUTEN FREE: Add more veggies and eliminate the Lavash bread (although it's worth it to note that the thinness of the lavash makes it much less of an issue than other breads)

MAKE IT LOW CARB: Same as above

MAKE IT VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN: Skip the chicken schawarma, add some more veggies, and head to Trader Joes for their vegan tzatziki.

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